(sad to see you go) was sort of hoping that you’d stay

“So what else is new?” Kaleb asks Dominic with a hint of interest, seemingly not wanting to end the conversation just yet.

Dominic smiles a bit. “I don’t know. Nothing’s really been going on lately.” Kaleb gives Dominic a look of anticipation, silently urging him to think of a topic and continue.

Dominic looks to the side for a while, pursing his lips. Kaleb remembers how he used to do this back at the office. Whenever they would have a team conference, he would always consult Dominic for a suggestion. His favorite habit while he thinks is pursing his lips. Kaleb used to find it cute. And at this moment, he finds out that he still does.

“Oh,” Dominic starts, calling Kaleb’s full attention. “Remember how I told you that I’ve never gone skating before?” Kaleb nods eagerly, wondering how Dominic can speak of a memory that now seemed so distant as if it just happened yesterday.

“Well, it actually happened quite a while back, but I went to Russia with my girlfriend and we went to this huge famous skating rink—“ Dominic continues to talk, but Kaleb has stopped following him the moment he mentioned girlfriend. Something had been bothering him since the two of them had coincidentally met at this cafe and started catching up on each other’s lives. For the past few hours, Kaleb has been trying to remember anything new he learned about Dominic from his many facebook posts (no, he has not been stalking him), but now with a heavy heart, he doesn’t want to remember at all.

Dominic is still talking, but the painful feeling in Kaleb’s chest is blocking out all the words coming from Dominic’s mouth. He tries to listen to the story, but his mind keeps going back to that picture of Dominic and a girl that had long curly brown hair and soft rosy cheeks, and how different that girl seemed from him. How could a person’s preferences change so much over the span of three years? How many did Dominic actually date after Kaleb? What is Dominic like now? Does Kaleb still know anything about him at all?

Kaleb starts trembling. Luckily, there’s a table between the two of them so Dominic doesn’t notice. He tries to stop his hands and feet from shaking involuntarily, but it’s no use. Right now, his body is being overwhelmed by fear. What is he even afraid of?

“Hey, are you okay?” Kaleb’s eyes shoot up to meet Dominic’s. “You’ve been quiet for a while. Is something wrong?” Ah, here it is. Dominic’s sweet and caring nature. This is what Kaleb has been terribly missing. This is what he’s been searching for. After Dominic left, there has been a void in Kaleb’s heart. Of course, Kaleb has constantly tried to ignore it. But up until now, it’s still there.

Kaleb fakes a smile and slowly shakes his head to show that he’s fine.

And his hardened heart starts to soften again when Dominic returns it with a genuine one. Here it is. The smile that always managed to brighten everything up. And at this moment, Kaleb finds out that it still does.

Kaleb is no longer shaking. And as if on cue, the rain that had been pouring just a little while ago turns to a light shower of water before completely stopping.

Kaleb turns to look at Dominic and catches him staring at the window outside as well. Is time to go? After all, they did decide to talk and stay for a while because there was a heavy rain outside. Kaleb opens his mouth to speak, but Dominic is faster than him.

“Well, it’s about time we go, don’t you think?” Before Kaleb could even reply, Dominic starts gathering up his things and standing up. Did he hate talking to him that much?

They both stand outside for a little while, taking in the humid air lingering about. Silence stands between the two men, before Dominic finally decides to turn around and face Kaleb.

“Well, it was nice seeing you again.” He smiles, so sincerely yet with a hint of sadness at the same time. Or is Kaleb just imagining that? He wants to think that he’s not.

“It was nice seeing you too,” Kaleb replies. “Do you want to meet up again sometime?” he wants to add. But, in the end, decides not to.

“It’s been so long.” “Don’t you want to stay for a bit longer?”

“It was a good talk.” “You never texted me again.”

“I’m just really glad I got to meet you again.” “You’re making it sound like this will be the last time.”

“Well, I’m off.” “Don’t go.”

“Bye, Kaleb.” “I don’t want to miss you again.”

“Bye.” Dominic turns to the opposite direction and starts walking, slowly at first, then as if regaining composure, a little faster.

Just like that day, Dominic was the first to leave. Kaleb stays for a while in that same spot in front of the cafe, thinking that maybe if he had stayed, then Dominic would have come back. But Dominic, without looking back, just continues to walk farther until he’s no longer in sight.

Kaleb’s feet feel heavy, but he persists to move forward without looking back, just as Dominic had done. Kaleb finds out that he is not as strong as Dominic though, because his foolish hope wins over and like an idiot, he looks back. He chuckles sadly when he sees that nothing is there. Kaleb wonders how Dominic is so capable of not regretting anything. He wonders how Dominic was able to forget how much he loved him and how much Kaleb loved him more. And at this moment, Kaleb finds out that he still does.

A List of Things that I Want for 2017

  1. less reqs, more time to bond with my friends and family
  2. money (ang dami kong balak na puntahang conventions jusko)
  3. ticket to BTS’s concert this year (please let this happen)
  4. more time for myself (to draw, write, etc.)
  5. new good animes and mangas
  6. new good kdramas
  7. 5 cm na dagdag sa height (alam kong imposible pero please)
  8. la salle scholarship
  9. new good acquaintances and friends
  10. PAHINGA (ito talaga eh)

New year, new me, ika nga nila. Sisikapin kong magbagong buhay ngayong taon. Iiwanan ko na ang mga poot ko noong 2016 at mas bubuksan ang aking isip sa iba’t iba pang bagay.

(hiling ko lang hindi lang to sa simula hahahaha)


Pinocchio: A K-Drama Review

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A drama depicts love, frustration, growth and the competitive process of young people in their 20s becoming reporters as they cry and get hurt by truth but realize that as reporters, they must tell the truth. It will center the story of a man who hides a special talent living under a fake name and a woman who cannot lie.
The idealistic Choi In Ha has her work cut out for her when she becomes a broadcast journalist, especially when she suffers from a condition known as “Pinocchio syndrome,” which makes her break out into hiccups whenever she tells a lie. Her rookie colleagues include Choi Dal Po, whose shabby appearance masks his true eloquence and sharp memory; Seo Bum Jo, a wealthy heir who has had everything handed to him in life; and Cha Hye Seung, whose fangirl knowledge comes in handy in covering the news. The 20-something newbie reporters pursue justice as they try to discover themselves in the process.

I had a hard time trying to find a synopsis that will give you guys an idea of how awesome this series is, so instead, I’m gonna try to write the best review I can and hope that you will take my word for it and watch this mind-boggling show.
Before I decided to watch this, I wasn’t a big fan of k-dramas. I mean, the only k-dramas I had watched at that time were the ones tagalog-dubbed and shown on tv and the main characters were often “pa-cute” so I had a bad impression of them. I don’t exactly remember how I found out about this show, but I think I saw it on an article and the photos looked good so I decided to try it out. And I’m so glad that I did, because it has served as my ticket to the world of k-drama.
At first glance, Pinocchio seems like the typical romance melodrama shit, but if you watch it, there’s so much more than just that! The synopsis I provided above doesn’t really tell that much about this drama, but I’m just afraid that I’ll spoil something important and I want you to find the good parts in the drama by yourself. This drama is just so amusing with its combination of mystery, thriller, and romance. I didn’t know the Korean entertainment industry was capable of creating content that was as great as this. Also, props to the casting team, because I think they found the best actors and actresses to play the roles of the characters! Honestly, all of them are just so talented at acting (not to mention, very attractive). Whenever the main characters cry, I cry. Whenever they get frustrated and angry, I get agitated as well. Their acting was so surreal that even though it had a hint of fantasy (with the pinocchio syndrome and all), I still thought that it was quite realistic.
What’s more is that this drama tackles about the issues in the field of reporting. Through the series, the characters struggle to find the real truth behind every news they present, an act that they find out not everyone does. It also talks about the weight of one person’s morality as later in the series, Choi In Ha has to choose between an opportunity for her career and the truth that they’ve worked so hard to discover. I find it so refreshing, because the topic of media corruption isn’t really talked about in these kinds of shows and it’s great that viewers like me are given an insight on how dangerous the manipulation of media can be.
Overall, this drama is a 10/10 for me. I suggest it if you like complicated, heavy stories and at the same time, fluffy and adorable romance. Watch away!


5 cm per Second: A Review

Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life

Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara, two very close friends and classmates, are torn apart when Akari’s family is transferred to another region of Japan due to her family’s job. Despite separation, they continue to keep in touch through mail. When Takaki finds out that his family is also moving, he decides to meet with Akari one last time.
As years pass by, they continue down their own paths, their distance slowly growing wider and their contact with one another fades. Yet, they keep remembering one another and the times they have shared together, wondering if they will have the chance to meet once again.

Makoto Shinkai, a highly renowned film director in the anime industry, has continuously proven how amazingly skilled he is when it comes to animation and graphics. And this anime is a perfect example of his best series that showcases just that. The atmosphere of a peaceful province is effectively made felt to the viewers by the various beautiful scenery like sakura trees in full blossom, a river on a hot summer day, and cold snow piling up on the ground.

It’s no doubt that when it comes to art style, this anime won’t lose, however, I have some qualms with its plot. The flow of the story was so slow and when I finally felt like everything had been built up and it was time for the climax to occur, I was deeply disappointed. The quality of the film is pulled down by the lack of progress with the story. In fact, after the film had ended, I felt like I had not witnessed a story at all. The ending was so unsatisfying to the point that I really wanted to go to Japan and have a little talk with Makoto Shinkai.


Still, if you appreciate beautiful animations, then this film is definitely for you. Overall, I give this a 7/10.


Haikyuu!!: A Review

Genre: Shounen, Sports, Comedy, Drama

A chance event triggered Hinata Shouyou’s love for volleyball. His club had no members, but somehow persevered and finally made it into its very first and final regular match of middle school, where it was steamrolled by Kageyama Tobio, a superstar player known as “King of the Court.” Vowing revenge, Hinata applied to the Karasuno High School volleyball club… only to come face-to-face with his hated rival, Kageyama!

LISTEN, the synopsis does not give the anime justice! So if you’ve decided just now to skip past this post because the description seems uninteresting, then PLEASE STOP AND READ THE REST OF THIS REVIEW. Okay, before I watched this anime, I was completely weirded out by the thought or concept of sports animes. This is because most of these animes that are popular in the community either feature huge amounts of fanservice (abs, muscles, you name them) or exaggerate the technical moves required to play the certain sport. So, whenever my friends recommended sports animes to me, I would grimace at the idea and never speak to them again (just kidding).
However, in the year 2014, Haikyuu!! started airing and became widely known in the industry. I saw pictures of it on tumblr, and I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly became determined to watch it. And holy lorde, I am so thankful that I did, because this anime is a masterpiece. Each episode was filled with an air of adventure and made me feel excited. And the animation is so smooth! The fast movements of the volleyball players were shown so well. I didn’t even spot any flaw on the graphics. Now, you might think, what the hell is so exciting about volleyball? JUST WATCH IT. You will fall in love with the various teams that will be introduced as the series goes on. And I think what I got from this film that I am very grateful for, is my appreciation of volleyball. I started to see that it’s not only a sport that requires skills, but also it is something that can produce strong bonds and improve an individual’s personality. I, who am not sports-inclined, surprisingly became interested in volleyball and actually wanted to try it out (can you believe).
This anime currently has three seasons. I highly encourage you to watch it, because I’m pretty sure that you’ll love it and will ask for more episodes. Overall, this anime is a 10/10 for me.
Just to hype you up even more, here‘s the opening of the first season.


Your Lie in April: A Review

Genre: Romance, Shounen, Drama, Music

Music accompanies the path of the human metronome, the prodigious pianist Arima Kousei. But after the passing of his mother, Arima Saki, Kousei falls into a downward spiral, rendering him unable to hear the sound of his own piano.
Two years later, Kousei still avoids the piano, leaving behind his admirers and rivals, and lives a colorless life alongside his friends Sawabe Tsubaki and Watari Ryouta. However, everything changes when he meets a beautiful violinist, Miyazono Kaori, who stirs up his world and sets him on a journey to face music again.

What I like about this anime is that even though its main component is romance, there is so much more than just that. Your Lie in April is about the journey of a young boy, who has so much potential but discourages himself, towards the path of self-forgiveness (let’s pretend that didn’t sound too cheesy lol). Now, I’m not saying that the romance isn’t good. In fact, Your Lie in April has been acknowledged by many fans in the community as their all-time favorite romance anime. Not only will you like it for its simple yet heart-racing scenes, but you will also be swooned by the stunning graphics shown in each episode. The art style is just so fluffy and cute, I am smitten with it. I can’t even count how many times I cried just because of the fascinating scenery. AND THE PLOT. The plot is just so beautiful. Even though it may seem cliche or an overly used concept, the story still makes your heart clench in happiness and in pain all at once. Oh, and yes, you might have noticed on the genres listed above, but this anime also has incredible music incorporated into it. The animation fits the movements of the characters so much, that whenever they play, I feel as if they’re actually coming to life. Now, add up all of the good points that I’ve listed about this film and you have one great anime series to watch.
But just as any other series, Your Lie in April isn’t perfect. Now I get that the producers wanted to focus on the developing relationship between Kousei and Kaori, but I was seeking for some character development for the other characters as well and sadly, this expectation wasn’t met. And this is one thing that I always find myself thinking whenever I watch shounen (anime wherein the main character is a male), but THE LEAD GIRL IS SO ANNOYING. For the first part of the series, I was actually rooting for Tsubaki, because I just couldn’t handle Kaori’s audacity. However, after getting an insight on Kaori’s character, I started to hate her less. Until  the turning point of the story occurs, and I finally learn to like Kaori’s personality.
Overall, this anime is VERY MUCH worth the watch and I’ll be giving it a rating of 9/10.


Another: A Review

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Gore

In 1972, a popular student in Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3 named Misaki passed away during the school year. Since then, the town of Yomiyama has been shrouded by a fearful atmosphere, from the dark secrets hidden deep within.
Twenty-six years later, 15-year-old Kouichi Sakakibara transfers into class 3-3 of Yomiyama North and soon after discovers that a strange, gloomy mood seems to hang over all the students. He also finds himself drawn to the mysterious, eyepatch-wearing student Mei Misaki; however, the rest of the class and the teachers seem to treat her like she doesn’t exist. Paying no heed to warnings from everyone including Mei herself, Kouichi begins to get closer not only to her, but also to the truth behind the gruesome phenomenon plaguing class 3-3 of Yomiyama North.

This is one of the few horror animes that I’ve watched and probably the only one I’ll like this much. Just from the synopsis, one would be allured to watch the anime (why am i even making a review then lol). To start off, it has a powerful plot that manages to pull the viewers right into the atmosphere of the series and possibly wet their pants from the pure terror the anime gives out. AND THE GRAPHICS, OH MAN. The art style fits the theme of the anime so well! The images of the creepy dolls always startle me a little whenever they spontaneously appear. The bloody scenes featured in almost all of the episodes make me paranoid from fear for my own safety. If you wanna know how the graphics look like, you can watch the opening here. I’m pretty sure just watching the opening will make you feel the chills.
So, even though it is supernatural/occultic and will most likely never happen to me in real life, I still get nervous and wary of my surroundings whenever I watch it (hands up if you like effective jumpscares). But what really makes this anime so special to me, aside from it being the first horror anime I’ve watched, is its amazing execution of the plot and the satisfying conclusion that it presented. Whenever I finish a series, I’m the type that always unintentionally begs for more. However, this anime was able to answer every question that occurred to me per episode and made me experience a clean closure at the very end. Overall, I give this series a 10/10, because it lives up to its genre and didn’t make me feel disinterested at all.